Mayfair and St James Association

For more than sixty years the Mayfair & St James’s Association has fought to protect these two wonderful and historic areas of London. We have campaigned on may issues, from Crossrail and the Congestion Charge, to Parking, street lighting, security and anti-terrorism measures. If you own or work in a business in our area, we are your voice.

The Association is made up of the Council and the Membership. The Council are unpaid volunteers who give their time to help plan and run the events, lobby parliament, meet with Local Government Figures and prioritise the issues on which the Association campaigns. Our members are all businesses based or operating in Mayfair and St James’s.

Our events include quiz nights, wine tastings, cocktail parties, champagne receptions and gallery openings – the events allow members to network with other members in an enjoyable atmosphere, promoting their own business and learning more about neighbours.

The Council is supported by The Secretary, Brigid Tucker who handles all aspects of the administration of the Association, arranges the events and meetings and runs the sub-committees. 

We always look forward to welcoming new businesses to the association. Get in touch.
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